Virtual Woodball

Uganda Woodball Federation introduced Virtual Woodball Challenge for Athletes during the lockdown period that was declared by Government on all sporting activities in Uganda.

The challenge was aimed at keeping athletes active through online Woodball at home while creating awareness of our sport in their localities.


  1. To help our players gain confidence during gating.
  2. Keep Woodball players in shape during partial resumption of Woodball activities in Uganda.
  3. Maintain and create more awareness of Woodball sport in the country using social media platforms.
  4. To connect players adapt and advance with the new online technology.
  5. To create fan and social interaction among distant Woodball players.
  6. To prepare players for future international online games.

Mode of Competition


An athlete is required to use one stroke to score through the gate in a distance of 3 meters, against 3 chances.

It is a Virtual gating Challenge on Video Zoom

A player who gates-in the most number of times successfully will become the winner against his opponent thus qualifies for next round.

For any tie in the number of scores, players proceed for a sudden death attempt to determine the winner.


  1. A well – maintained green surface of 3 meters.
  2. Equipment (Mallet, Woodball and a gate)
  3. Woodball attire (Recommended dress code).
  4. A Video recording Devise with an Online Zoom application.

Procedure of Competition

  1. Assemble a gate along a play - area within 3 meters (green surface). Kindly use any related item that can help us identify the required distance before you start you game. For example, 3 mallet shafts can easily define a stretch of 3 meters.
  2. Prepare other playing Equipments like a Mallet, and a Woodball
  3. Login in the Video Zoom link for the event as provided by the event organizers on your Internet device with a stable camera.
  4. Attempt to score through the gate in 3 chances, when you are called to play by the organizers. Kindly consider the rule of 10 seconds after aiming to execute a stroke.

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