National Team

The National Team is a composition of carefully selected woodball players. Uganda has featured at a series of international events since inception of the game.

In 2016 Uganda sent a team of 13 participants to the 6th Woodball world cup and the Korean Woodball Open. Overall Uganda finished fourth in the world cup after winning a bronze through Lilian Zawedde, and at the Open championship we managed to win a gold in the mixed doubles through Atamba Onesmus and Lillian Zawedde.

The earlier years we have featured at major international events and our presence at these events is never just about participation but competing for medals. We have worn Gold through Adupa Joel, and as per 2016 female rankings internationally, our own Lillian Zawedde was in position number three.

UWbF always prepares the team through a series of locally organized competitions. Our major challenge to send big teams to international events is funding. However UWbF is committed to always representing the Nation at all major international events irrespective of the team size.

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