Promotion & Development

UWbF is doing everything possible to promote and develop the game of Woodball in the country and Africa as a whole. In the interest of achieving our major goal we conduct a number of activities at National, regional and local levels, Below is a brief of what we are doing to let people know about and play the game:

Championships & Circuits

Lyantonde Woodball Championship

This is organized in together with Lyantonde Woodball Association, and is dominated by participants from in and around Lyantonde District.

Corporate Woodball Circuit

An annual event organized by UWbF, with now five circuits. It targets people in the corporate world, and has registered the highest attendance of eighty participants in the recently concluded circuit.

Beach Woodball Circuit

An annual competition which takes place at the sand beach in Entebbe, open to all Woodball players in Uganda. The Beach Woodball circuits are held at Entebbe, and are currently four in number.

In the corporate and beach Woodball circuits participants accumulate points and the overall winners are awarded at the end of the year.

Schools Open Championships

These championships target school going children at all levels (primary & secondary) and is conducted in Mukono, Nakawa, Entebbe, and Nakaseke.

In the interest of spreading the game farther, UWbF organizes demonstration camps, refresher courses, workshops, and seminars in different regions of the country. We have also successfully had Woodball added to the games menu for AUUS games, Eastern Africa University games, National intercollegiate tertiary institutions games, National schools & community polytechnics games, National tertiary institutions champions’ sports gala, and the national technical & vocational institute/PTC games.

Woodball Equipment Factory

UWbF with assistance from the IWbF installed machinery at Ndejje University main campus necessary for the production of woodball equipment. This factory housed by Ndejje University is a major step towards the spread of the game. As a result woodball equipment costs have gone low making it possible for institutions and individuals to purchase the equipment.

In addition to the factory UWbF opened up a showroom at the Federation offices to work as a major outlet for the equipment produced at the factory. With the equipment available cheaply more people are learning the game and playing it regularly.

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