Vision Mission & Objectives

Vision & Mission


To widely develop the Sport of Woodball to a highly competitive level in Uganda


To develop, promote and control the Woodball Sport in Uganda
To develop Woodball into one of the major sport in the Country, to match international standards.


  • To fulfill the expectations of a National governing body for the sport of Woodball
  • To develop and promote Woodball in Uganda
  • To encourage honest practices and active participation in Woodball
  • To compile and enforce rules and regulations governing national competitions
  • To organize lectures, courses and seminars for the instruction and teaching of Woodball
  • To supervise and enforce obligations of members
  • To create and enforce a mechanism whereby all disputes within Woodball are resolved by arbitration
  • To foster and develop links with other international Federations, Non-Governmental organizations and Local Governments in order to promote the interests of Woodball at all levels

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