Woodball in Uganda

The Woodball sport started in Uganda by Mr. Kayongo Paul Mark from Ndejje University & Ms. Peninnah Kabenge from Makerere University. In 2008, Uganda Woodball Federation (UWbF) was formed and since then, it has spread and developed the game across Uganda and Africa.

The growth of the game in Uganda is reflected by the commitment of the Executive committee, the rich annual calendar of events, the media coverage which does not only include local but also international media, and the awareness that people have about the game. In Uganda the game is spoken of as the fastest growing by major media houses, as young stars and adults love and play it.It is a game recognized by the National Council of Sports (NCS), the regulator of all national sports governing bodies under the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The Federation now boosts of being the only National Federation that makes its own equipment; thanks to the international Woodball Federation that donated to it a Woodball equipment machine that is being hosted by Ndejje University.

Team Uganda has participated in a number of international events including but not limited to the Woodball World Cup, World University Woodball championship, and Korea International Woodball Open Tournament. Visit the annual reports section for more information.

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